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Our Summer Theatre COVID-19 Guidelines


  1. Our Jungle book Workshop performers will be in groups of no more than 10. They will rotate centers that focus on singing, dancing and acting while maintaining social distancing. The majority of rehearsals time and all of the performances will take place outside.
  2. Jungle Book Workshop Cast Members will be escorted to and from their cars at the beginning and end of every workshop day.
  3. All actors and staff will be required to sanitize their hands at the beginning and ending of each day as well as before and after eating snacks.
  4. Our cast and staff's health will be tracked daily through the use of temperature reading and observational criteria. jungle book Workshop Cast Members who complain of illness or appear ill will be isolated from the other attendees and their parents/caregivers will be asked to come and get them.
  5. Actors must be free from illness/fever/cough/nausea x 24 hours to attend Rehearsal.
  6. In the event of extreme weather conditions rehearsal/performances will take place in the large 7000 square foot air conditioned gymnasium adjacent to the outdoor theater.  Social distancing and limited seating guidelines will still be applied.
  7. We will use strategic directing choices to support social distancing and minimize contact while singing, acting and dancing.  *Some content of the show has been modified to assist in this strategy.
  8. Actors will not be required to wear masks when actively rehearsing/performing as this is a form of exercise and Wearing Masks during exercise is not a safe practice.
  9. Our tickets sales will be sold online only.
  10. Our audience size will be limited and chair groupings will be distanced to comply with social distancing guidelines outlined for outdoor theaters.
  11. Only pre-packaged food/drink will be sold at concessions during the performance.
  12. Audience members will be asked to wear masks when moving about in the theater space. The wearing of masks while seated during the performance is optional.
  13. Costumes will not be shared. Dressing areas will maintain 6ft social distancing.
  14. Chairs and theater space will be wiped down at the end of every rehearsal/performance.

*For the Jungle Book Youth Workshop, There will be a mandatory welcome parent meeting on Monday, June 14 from 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM to review and discuss the above policies and outline of the program.